The latest inspiration...

Our current work has been inspired by The Recovery of the Tain.  A beautiful story retold by many including Lady Gregory and TW Rolleston. It tells of 'The Tain', the most famous and splendid of Irish stories which had been forgotten by the people.  Ashamed, the chief bard sent Muirgen to find a travelling poet who had a record of the story.  Muirgen finds the Ogham stone which marks the burial place of Fergus MacRoy, one of the key characters from the Tain.  During the night Fergus appears to him and tells him the story which has never been forgotten since. 

David Rooney has created a beautiful illustration which is now available as a screenprint.  

We are now working on a sculpture of an Ogham stone, inscribed with the ogham text 'Vergoso' which is the ancient Irish form of Fergus, meaning 'The Strength of Man'.